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 Forum/Board Rules and Requirements

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PostSubject: Forum/Board Rules and Requirements   Forum/Board Rules and Requirements EmptyTue May 15, 2012 10:05 pm

1. Please refrain from use of overly offensive behavior to other members, staff members, or anyone who may visit Jabber. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings around here. Playful humor is okay, just know where to draw the line.

2. Don't overuse foul language either. There will be no censors here at Jabber. Let's keep it that way. We've allowed you freedom of speech, and we do expect you to use it. Just don't try to sound like a 12 year old boy on XBOX Live, okay?

3. Follow administrator and moderator instructions. Always. This is obvious enough for you. Continuing to disregard staff instructions is the fastest way out of here.

4. Don't overdo spamming, trolling, or pointless gibberish. If it looks like it might be funny, there's certainly nothing wrong with a little spam in the can, once it reaches a point of becoming an "every post" ordeal though, it's becoming unnecessary.

5. No pornographic, erotic, or sexually suggestive imagery or posts on Jabber. Not only is this not allowed by administration, but our forum provider. It would really suck to lose our forum because it was reported for some no-no pictures, now wouldn't it? Oh, and no links to that kind of stuff either. Play it by the "work" rule. If you were at the office, would the boss be okay with it?

6. Know your stuff. Obviously, this isn't so much of a rule as mere advice on how to survive here. Use sufficient grammar, punctuation, and know what you're talking about when you bring up a subject or get involved with one. This should especially apply to religious discussions or political conversations. Don't push our buttons with n00b behavior.

7. No alternate accounts and if you change your username, let us know who you are, please. Whether it be via your signature or a topic/post, I don't care. Just let me know.

Overall, play it smart and you'll be just fine here.
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Forum/Board Rules and Requirements
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